Praying Through Proverbs


12:30 PM

Betzy Vazquez and Rev. Mara Morhouse

Ever notice that there are 31 chapters in Proverbs and 31 days in seven months of the year?! This makes the book of Proverbs a perfect guide to a month of prayer and meditation on scripture.

As such, we’ll be basing our morning prayer post AND our Wednesday Noonish Devo (which is LIVE and we hope will be a good place of discussion and fellowship) on the Proverbs. We’ll line up the DATE with the CHAPTER and take a walk through this journey of wisdom in scripture. Connect with us the following ways:

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Read With Us

Purchase the following reflection/journal book on Proverbs that’s written by Trog Trogdon of Bonton Farms (and proceeds from sales of the book go back to support Bonton Farms). Check out more on Trog’s Proverbs challenge by visiting his site: A Walk to Wisdom.

Follow the below reading schedule at your own pace.

1-JulProverbs 116-JulProverbs 16
2-JulProverbs 217-JulProverbs 17
3-JulProverbs 318-JulProverbs 18
4-JulProverbs 419-JulProverbs 19
5-JulProverbs 520-JulProverbs 20
6-JulProverbs 621-JulProverbs 21
7-JulProverbs 722-JulProverbs 22
8-JulProverbs 823-JulProverbs 23
9-JulProverbs 924-JulProverbs 24
10-JulProverbs 1025-JulProverbs 25
11-JulProverbs 1126-JulProverbs 26
12-JulProverbs 1227-JulProverbs 27
13-JulProverbs 1328-JulProverbs 28
14-JulProverbs 1429-JulProverbs 29
15-JulProverbs 1530-JulProverbs 30
31-JulProverbs 31